This weekend we dove into the story where God dramatically leads his people out of slavery…through the Red Sea! Take a look at the video from Sunday morning as Pastor Matt shares in Exodus 14 & 15.


Miss this weeks message? Take a look at our sermon from Pastor Eric last Sunday in Exodus 12 & 13 where he walks us through the significance of the Passover!


We’ve come to the dramatic portion of Exodus where we here, “Let me people go!” Water turns to blood. Frogs flood the streets. Livestock dies. Unprecedented hail falls from the skies. We will see that ten plagues hit the Egyptians with purposeful force. Don't miss this week as we see God moving through Exodus with a purpose and a promise to deliver his people!


Pastor Matt picked up our Exodus series in chapters 5 & 6. If you didn't get a chance to join us, watch along as we read through Pharoah's reaction to Moses asking him to let the Israelites free!


What excuses do you tend to make when God prompts you to action? Too busy? Don't know enough? Someone else can do it? Whatever the excuse, we all have them, and Moses finds himself in a similar place in Exodus 3. God asked Moses to go and have a conversation with someone. Moses made some excuses too. Our challenge this week? We are challenged to recognize that the same I AM who called Moses to herald a message of deliverance is calling us to do the same!


Sunday began a brand new series that will take us through the entire book of Exodus! Follow along with Pastor Eric as he takes us through the first two chapters that will help sets the stage for the next 24 weeks.