Love is something that is bigger than a one time gift or greeting card, and the same is true with our Love for God. We can “do" lots of things for God. We can serve, give money, and time. We can follow all of the “rules” and dress up for Sunday every week. Those all may be good things, but they aren’t love for God in and of themselves. This week week looked at truth that shows us how we can love God with all of our hearts!

All around us we see a culture that says it likes Jesus. Jesus is called a good teacher, and a moral guide. His words are quoted (and misquoted) in movies, tv, and by politicians. Looking at our country and communities, it seems like everyone is a Christian at first glance. But there’s a big difference between liking Jesus and following him. Check out week one of our new series, Follow Me!


Elder, Andy Anderson, brought the sermon this Sunday and shared a powerful truth that Jesus really is the way, the truth and the life. If you didn't get a chance to hear this message this weekend, make sure to check it out now- You won't regret it!