Friends, the wonders of God’s love have long been on display as the glorious gospel unfolds throughout history. We stand back and see God’s love in his created world. We can see his love even in the broken and painful stories we share. And certainly we can see the love of God on display in the manger and on the cross. So what does all this mean for us? Join us this Christmas season with fresh eyes to as we gaze upon the wonders of God’s love that might propel us to love and serve this broken and fallen world. 

week 2

Luke 2:12 tells us that they found the baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes and laying in a manger. A manger! A pregnant, unmarried teenage girl. An oppressive government. Pompous political figures. A hypocritical religious system. Unreached and marginalized people throughout the streets. This is the scene into which God descends. He shows up right in the middle of the mess. Animal manure an all. God has a way of piercing the darkness with the Wonder of His Love…wow! No matter what it is we are going through, no matter what it is our neighbors our going through, we have incredible hope to share!


This weekend we kicked off our Christmas series where Pastor Eric shows us the "Wonders of His Love" that are found in creation!