This Sunday was the last week of our series the 21 Days of Prayer. Watch the final message from Pastor Matt as he takes us through the final verse of the Lord's Prayer.


This week we’re looked at a very powerful couple of lines from the Lord’s Prayer. Watch along to hear Pastor Matt teach us how we can be praying through this passage.


This week we examined the line of the Lord’s Prayer that reads, “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” The prayer is a hope, a petition for God’s kingdom to come to our neighborhoods, families and church. We want to see God win and we want to take part in it!


This Sunday we launched a 21 Days of Prayer Initiative at FBC where we will begin our year praying through the Lord’s Prayer together as a church! Watch along and join in with us as we humbly ask for God to transform us and grow us through the coming weeks.