We believe the world needs to know about the hope we have in Jesus. Baptism is one of those ways we share the story. 

One way we might consider baptism is like a wedding ring. When we see a man wearing a gold ring on his left hand, we are right to conclude that this man is married. The ring itself is not his marriage, but it points to an inward reality that his heart belongs to his bride. The same would be true of baptism. While the waters of baptism do not save a person, they do point to an inward reality that the person’s heart belongs to Jesus. We would say that baptism becomes an outward expression of an inward transformation. It becomes a way of proclaiming to the world, “Jesus changed my life!”

If you have taken the first step and trusted in Jesus, baptism is the next step for you.

If you are interested in baptism or would like to learn more, please use this form to contact one of our pastors or sign for the next baptism class.

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