There is no question that the most important step we can take is to say “yes” to Jesus. With that said, we cannot urge you strongly enough to make regular Bible reading your next step. 

When we step outside and consider the beauty, simplicity, and complexities of creation we are able to conclude some things about God in a general sense. However, when we step inside the pages of the Bible and consider the incredible beauty, simplicity and complexities of the Gospel we are able to conclude many things about God in a specific sense. Specifically, the Bible tells us how to have a right relationship with God and how to live a life that honors Him and blesses others. This is true if you recently decided to follow Jesus or if you’ve been following Jesus for years. It doesn’t matter who are, where you’re at, or where you’ve been, the truth of God’s Word is for you!

When we come to Bible reading, consider the wisdom of Proverbs 13:11:

“Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but he who gathers little by little will increase it.”

The wisdom of this proverb stretches far beyond the world of economics. Let’s think about Bible reading in the same manner. 

If we approach Bible reading in haste thinking that it is some kind of lucky charm or book of special sayings that will be a quick fix to help us in times of trouble, we come in error. However, when we come to the Bible in a steady, little by little over the long haul kind of commitment to soak in the truth of the Scriptures, we will find our minds being renewed. We will find the Bible able to lead us toward a greater joy in knowing God. We find in God’s Word a life-giving guide to lead us away from living in sin. Ultimately, we will find a living and active Word that will fuel our joy in knowing Jesus.

As one pastor has said, “We read the Bible to know God better, to think God’s thoughts after him, to love what he loves, to cherish what he cherishes, to hate what he hates. It is to shape the whole mind and heart.”

We have included some helpful links below. If you would like further assistance in getting started with becoming a Bible reader, please speak with one of our leaders. It will be our joy to point you in a helpful direction.