This weekend marks the end of our time in Exodus. We’ve already seen that the people have been delivered. The law has been given. The details of the tabernacle have been communicated. And now…Exodus closes with the tabernacle being built and God’s glory filling the space. Follow along as we see how God uses generous hearts and hands to make it happen.



Our journey through Exodus brings us to the bottom of the mountain where Moses finds the Israelites throwing a party over of their newly crafted golden calf. It’s not a party Moses wants to attend. Join us as Pastor Eric teaches through this chapter and how we still have idols today!


We are jumping back into the final four weeks of our study in Exodus! Follow with us as we dig into Exodus 28-31 as how it brings clarity to the mundane moments of our lives.


Chapters 25-27 in Exodus reveal something really awesome about God’s heart for his people: He wants to be with us. And he will make a way for us to be able to stand in his presence. And even more spectacularly, is that what only worked in part in ancient Israel, was protected through the ministry of Jesus! Jesus makes a way for us to literally be in the presence of God! Follow along with Pastor Matt as he unpacks that in last Sunday's message.


As we move past the Ten Commandments, we are faced with laws, laws, and more laws. We’re not going to deal with every verse or every command. But Sunday we asked, “Why? Why all these command?” When we take a step back and see the wide sweep of topics, it becomes clear that God cares about the details of our lives. Living in relationship with God is not a Sunday morning at church kind of deal. Living in relationship with God is about walking with Him in every aspect of your life.


This weekend we wrapped up the 10 commandments and dug into the text to explore what God’s Word has to say about our desires. Join us as we are challenged to have hearts that are grateful to God.



Pastor Matt challenges us this week with a message about Commandment #8: Do not steal. If you didn't get to be with us this past Sunday, join in as we are encouraged to recognize our own sneaky ways of stealing the glory that belongs to God alone!


Commandment number seven. God tells us to put Him number one, and offers us blessing when we do life His way...according to His Word. The good news is that God does not give us desires that He cannot satisfy. Join us as we unpack the beauty of sex as part of God’s good design.



We landed on the 5th commandment this week where Exodus 20:12 shows us to "honor your father and mother." God has given parents a unique role to lead their children, and for all of us to love and care for our parents. But what does this look like? Follow along with us this week to learn more.


Thou shall not steal,Thou shall not murder, Honor thy mother and father--for the most part, it is easy for us today to see the importance and truth of the Ten Commandments. However, the fourth commandment--Remembering the Sabbath--can cause Christians to scratch their heads. Is this still a commandment for Christians today? In what ways are we to follow it? Is it okay for me to mow the lawn or watch a football game on Sunday? This week one of our Elders, Jim McGuire, helps us sort out the great question of the Sabbath, and how it can bring us life and intimacy with God today.


There is something special about using someone’s name. There is something significant…something intimate…even powerful about using someone’s name. This Sunday we will take a long look at commandment number 3—honoring the name of the Lord. Don't miss out on Pastor Matt's message, and what this means for us.


This weekend Pastor Eric took us through Exodus into the 1st and 2nd commandments. If you didn't get to join us this weekend, watch online and see how idols play a role in our hearts.


We will continue our journey through the book of Exodus and we dive right into the Ten Commandments. We will see over and over God’s gracious provision in Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of the Law!


We've started back in our study through the book of Exodus. This weekend Scott Thompson took us through Chapter 18 where we learned about a man named Jethro.



This weekend we dove into the story where God dramatically leads his people out of slavery…through the Red Sea! Take a look at the video from Sunday morning as Pastor Matt shares in Exodus 14 & 15.


Miss this weeks message? Take a look at our sermon from Pastor Eric last Sunday in Exodus 12 & 13 where he walks us through the significance of the Passover!


We’ve come to the dramatic portion of Exodus where we here, “Let me people go!” Water turns to blood. Frogs flood the streets. Livestock dies. Unprecedented hail falls from the skies. We will see that ten plagues hit the Egyptians with purposeful force. Don't miss this week as we see God moving through Exodus with a purpose and a promise to deliver his people!


Pastor Matt picked up our Exodus series in chapters 5 & 6. If you didn't get a chance to join us, watch along as we read through Pharoah's reaction to Moses asking him to let the Israelites free!


What excuses do you tend to make when God prompts you to action? Too busy? Don't know enough? Someone else can do it? Whatever the excuse, we all have them, and Moses finds himself in a similar place in Exodus 3. God asked Moses to go and have a conversation with someone. Moses made some excuses too. Our challenge this week? We are challenged to recognize that the same I AM who called Moses to herald a message of deliverance is calling us to do the same!


Sunday began a brand new series that will take us through the entire book of Exodus! Follow along with Pastor Eric as he takes us through the first two chapters that will help sets the stage for the next 24 weeks.