Many times we have heard the saying “Timing is everything” regarding how certain events of our lives and businesses evolve and come together. I, like many in our area involved in agriculture have been seriously challenged in 2018 with the weather, low prices, and uncertainty of the future.

Today is Friday Oct 5th and the devotion book reading from FBC “The Word for You Today” is perfectly timed for those of us in agriculture as we look at the ponds in our fields scattered amongst crops ready for harvest. At our farm we have received over 40 inches of rain since the crops were planted which is 20 inches above the average. The title for today’s reading is “Are You at the Breaking Point?” 

The author points out that 50% of people are stressed out by relationships, 60% by their work, and 70% by finances. First Peter 5:7 reads 

“Let him have all your worries and cares, for he is always thinking about you and is watching everything that concerns you.”

 One of the reasons God allows us to reach a “Breaking Point” is to force or invite us to draw nearer to him for guidance, strength, and direction.

 No doubt, there’s plenty in our lives that we have no control over like the current harvest weather for farmers. The devotion encourages the reader saying there’s nothing that you and God can’t handle together. The secret is handling the things God wants you to handle and entrusting the rest to him.

We, as farmers, are entrusted to caring for God’s earth and providing food to sustain life. We in turn  need to entrust him that better harvest days are ahead.

Over a year ago this “Breaking Point” devotion was selected to run in fall 2018 edition. Little did the author probably know that “timing is everything” and Oct 5th, 2018 would be a time of stress and uncertainty for rural America. That “spot on” timing gives me encouragement today that God is nearby with us and to trust him all the more.

Please uplift in prayer daily our farm families for strength, safety and patience as we wait and trust our Lord for better weather and field conditions to start the harvest. Your prayers will be appreciated.