Lent: Day One

When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem.
-Luke 9:51

After three years of ministry—preaching, teaching, healing, and casting out demons—Jesus began to walk a resolute path that would lead him to Calvary’s Hill. Jesus’ death on the cross was no accident or miscalculation, but it would be the culmination of the his greatest work and mission, one that he began before the foundation of the earth (Rev 13:8). 

Lent is the ancient, fourth century Christian tradition of turning one’s face towards the Easter story through fasting and prayer for forty days. Much like Advent is for Christmas, Lent is a tool to focus our hearts and minds off of ourselves and back to Christ. In the midst of our modern hectic life, work, and school schedules, perhaps the practice of Lent is needed more than ever. 

This blog will contain forty devotionals written by men, women, and teenagers in our church. Each day, Monday through Saturday, we invite you to allow this devotional help you set your face towards Christ’s death and resurrection. Today, take some time with the Lord to ask these questions: 

  • “Father, how are you calling me to set my face towards the Easter story this year?” 

  • “God, are there some habits, practices, or addictions you are asking me to abstain from to better focus on you?” 

  • “Lord, are there any habits, practices or disciplines you are asking me to begin during this season to better focus on you?”

Finally, we invite you to enter into this journey alongside others. Perhaps use this devotional with your spouse and kids around the dinner table to grow together each night. Or wrestle with these devotionals alongside a friend or small group over a cup of coffee once a week. Maybe find someone in your ABF or serving team to encourage via text messages or email.

PRAYER: Father, please turn our faces and hearts towards you this Easter season. We know how quickly we become distracted and wander astray. Help us find our greatest joy in Jesus, and to allow the Gospel story to continually transform us to be closer followers of Christ.