Lent: Day Fifteen

The crucible is for silver, And the furnace is for gold, and the Lord tests hearts
- Proverbs 17:3

Earlier this year I was preparing for a big science test. I had been working hard and finally felt ready to take it. Before I started, I decided to read the proverb of the day (Proverbs 17). When I read verse three, I thought it was ironic that the verse talked about testing as I was about to take one. I thought maybe the Lord was telling me to relax. The silver, gold, and the heart are all tested to reveal what is truly there.

I knew I had worked hard and had wondered if he was telling me that the test would reveal and reflect all of my hard work in the class. Instead, he tested me in a deeper way. I ended up taking a ridiculous amount of time on the test, checking and rechecking answers. I so badly wanted to ace the test.

Anxiety and a compulsive need for perfection rose up in my heart and paralyzed me. I later realized that God had used the test to reveal an idol in my heart. I focus too much on trying to be perfect, even though I have been saved by a perfect Savior. The Lord used a simple science test as a furnace to test the metal of my heart.

What other ways could he test us? During this season of Lent, I challenge you to open your heart and mind to the Lord. He is going to test your heart. It is inevitable.

Will you listen to his voice and heed his promptings?