Lent: Day Thirty Four

And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever. - 1 John 2:17

Our family waited impatiently on a crowded sidewalk in the monstrous city of Bangkok. We were attempting our first solo navigation across the sprawling foreign metropolis. We decided the night before that the bus was the cheapest mode of transportation, so that morning we had loaded up our backpack and strapped our daughter in the baby carrier, ready for our adventure.

When bus number nine pulled up, it was a good thing we were ready. No sooner had the rusty vehicle come roaring to the curb than it was pulling into the traffic flow again with incredible speed while we scrambled up the steps. Clinging to the poles inside the door, we fell into the closest window seats and exchanged surprised glances. The next hour was no less eventful as our driver screamed insults at other drivers and used his horn as often as his turn signals.

At every stop, the bus screeched up to the curb and passengers hastily scurried off and on as quickly as possible. At one point, Cory and I looked at each other incredulously and laughed out loud over the wind and accelerating engine. To this day, we still shake our heads and chuckle at the miracle we made it to our destination in one piece.

Often, the patterns and pace of my daily Iife seem strikingly similar to those of the crazy bus driver. In my rush to get from point A to B efficiently, and with as few interruptions as possible, I often lose sight of the people I have been called to love and the opportunities God is giving me to glorify him. The life of Jesus reminds me that it isn’t only pinnacle moments like his resurrection from the dead that are important. Moments of rest and prayer with the father, pausing to notice a lesson in nature, or someone who needed his healing words and touch, were vital to the impact of Jesus’ ultimate work on the cross. Remembering our bus ride challenges me that there is a better way than just getting to the destination in one piece. When you look at your life, what are the recurring small moments where you can pause and remember who you are in Christ and invite the Holy Spirit to show you a new way of doing things?

Prayer: Father, thank you for reminding us that you are the Way, the Truth and the Life. Forgive us for times when we discount the small things and disregard the people you have called us to love. Please open our eyes to the details everyday that you want us to be aware of and give us the patience to slow down and listen for your voice. Thank you for providing new life in Christ. Help us to embrace all that this new identity in Jesus means moment by moment.