Lent: Day Four

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. - Psalm 19:1-2

It was the perfect sledding day; mid-30s with the sun shining. As my two young boys and I trekked down to our neighbor’s backyard in full snow gear, I wondered what kind of hill we would find. As we pulled our sleds around the corner to the backyard, a gorgeous scene came into view. Multiple backyards concaved into a perfect toddler-sized hill, quiet and far from traffic. The glistening snow was untouched and the tall, dark, old trees made a canopy above us. It took my breath away!

I love trees. Growing up, I spent a majority of my younger years outside amongst the trees and old hog buildings. I could spend hours daydreaming and exploring nooks of our old farm that hadn’t been touched for years. There was no agenda nor productive goal in mind. What a great place for the imagination! 

However, somewhere between adolescence and motherhood, I’ve become an “inside person” and a busy-body. Tyranny of the urgent somehow trumped wonder and awe. My husband, Josh, can attest to our first year of marriage me constantly asking, “What are you up to? Do you need something to do?” I was- and am- so quick to fall into the lie that being busy means something worthy. Like Pastor Eric’s recent sermon regarding idols, productivity can easily become an idol to me. I sacrifice my time, energy and emotions to the little “g” god of productivity reasoning that God is glorified alone by service, sacrifice and well…busyness. That my worth somehow lays in what I can accomplish.

But what if God gets more glory from us stopping. Breathing. Being swept away by his beauty in the trees.

That day with our sleds was a breath of fresh air for my anxious heart. This was holy ground. This was worship and I knew God was pleased by our delight in his glory.

This Lenten season, join me in taking the challenge of slowing down, marveling at trees, breathing in His presence.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, open our eyes to how you are intricately and magnificently around us. Help us to worship you with soft and expectant hearts.