“Follow me.” - Jesus

Those two simple words spoken by Jesus held the power to change lives. Follow. Me. 

They could have been any number of two words. Follow rules. Be religious. Act right. Behave better. Be nice. No. Jesus’ call was not to an idea or to better behavior. Jesus invited women, men, boys and girls to follow him.

This is a life-changing invitation Jesus offers still today. “Follow me.” 

Do you hear it? It is an invitation to broken, ordinary people to listen. To see. To believe. It is an invitation to trust Jesus and to go where he leads.

Friends, if you are looking to take a next step, there is no better place to start than to take a step towards following Jesus. This is not about being religious or changing your behavior to be a better person. This is about saying “Yes” to Jesus. Right here. Right now. Will you say “yes” to Jesus? Are you ready to follow him?

Now, in saying that we are to follow Jesus, let it be clear that we are not following teachings. We are not following ideas. We are called to follow a person. It is an invitation to a personal relationship with Jesus. This is a call not to the Jesus who was, rather, it is an invitation to follow Jesus who was, and is, and is to come! 

Friends, the good news is that Jesus is not simply a historical figure whose bones lie in a grave while his teachings linger on. No! We follow a Jesus who lives!

The Bible teaches us that Jesus lived a perfect life before God. He modeled life for a broken humanity. He performed miracles. He taught lessons. When the time was right, Jesus fulfilled his ultimate mission which was to offer his life as a payment for our sin. Jesus went to the Cross. He laid down his life. He took to the sin of the world upon himself and so received the just payment for our rebellion against God. Then came the game-changing, eternity-securing moment when Jesus conquered death and rose from the grave! There were even men and women who talked with Jesus after his resurrection. Then Jesus fulfilled a promise when he sent the Holy Spirit to us. And now, the story continues as the living Jesus whispers and calls us to follow him and fulfill his mission here on earth.

Are you ready to follow Jesus? 

The Bible teaches us that “if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." (Romans 10:9)

This is the first step in following Jesus. Surrender your heart to Jesus. Confess to God that you are a broken person in need of a Savior. Believe that Jesus died in your place to pay for your sins. Believe that Jesus rose from the grave and defeated the power of sin. Speak out loud. Tell God “yes!” Tell God that you believe in Jesus. Turn away from following the ways of this world that lead you away from God. Tell God that you are ready to follow Jesus and to let Jesus be the Lord of your life.

The truth is, this is the next step for us all! Following Jesus is a daily invitation that takes us on a life-time of growing in our relationship with God. Confessing our sin and trusting Jesus for forgiveness is a daily rhythm for all who follow Christ.

  • When we say “yes” to Jesus, we are called to share our story. That’s why Baptism is essential.
  • When we follow Jesus, we need each other. That’s why the Church is so important. 
  • When we follow Jesus, we need guidance. That’s why the Bible is non-negotiable. 
  • Following Jesus means we are part of his mission. That’s why serving and giving are critical.

We would love to hear from you. If you are new to following Jesus, we would love to come alongside you to celebrate with you and help you take your next steps.

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