Have you ever stopped to consider the overwhelming grace of God that he has poured out in your life? The Bible asks an important questions: What do you have that you did not receive (1 Corinthians 4:7)? The trust is God has generously poured out his grace in our lives. God has give us a place to call home. He has given us time do do the things we need to do and the abilities, talents and resources to get it done. Bottom line: God is generous. So how do we respond?



Joyful generosity has always been apart of what it means to be God's people. Take steps this week to be joyfully generous and ask God where you can use your God-given money!


God has given us a fixed amount of time to spend on this earth, how can you take a step this week to use that time to live generously?


In James, Jesus illustrates that each tree produces is own type of fruit. Like these trees, we produce fruits in our own lives in the ways we speak and treat others. What kind of fruit are you?


We often think of our homes as a place of retreat and relaxation, but the gospel shows us we can use our homes for a greater purpose. God uses homes, tables, and living rooms to reveal the person and power of Jesus. How can you use your home as a place of spreading the name of Jesus?


God is a generous God! There is nothing that we have that He has not given us first. Lets strive to be like Christ, so we too can be generous in our own lives!