God's faithfulness through the years...

We have much to learn from the path we've traveled. We discover not so much of ourselves but of the One who authors. Guides. Protects. Provides. Our history tells us much of the character and nature of God. He has, time and time again, revealed Himself as mighty and grand, faithful and true. Our God writing The Great Redemption Story on the hearts of the faithful who have gone before.

Faces and stories tell of a Kingdom in the souls of Swedish immigrants that crossed an ocean  seeking religious freedom. A late-nineteenth century, country church spotted with a dozen Swedes appeared north of Forest City. From rural to downtown, God moved a band of believers to inhabit growing streets in a growing community. It was 1900 and Swedish Baptist Church found a new home up town.

With a legacy marked with a commitment to the Gospel, the Swedes changed their name and their language to better connect with the culture. First Baptist Church continued to grow. These were the 1930's.

A few decades later and hearts continued to burn with the Great News of the Savior Who bridged the gap of Holy God and sinful man. This Story needed to be told. Space was needed. And so an education wing was built. The 1960's brought ministry expansion and the building we know today as the Forest City Police Department was added to the church. Ministry and methods changed, but the Timeless Truth remained.

The 60's gave way to the 70's and a new vision emerged. A hillside on the east side of Forest City was ripe with possibility. God provided it. Visionaries saw it. Courageous believers seized it. FBC on the hill became a reality in the early 1980's and years of blessings followed. Sons and daughters afire with Gospel Joy emerged from this now regional church set out to change the world. God continues to pour out His Spirit into the fertile soil of humble hearts.

A new millennium dawned and with it came a new Family Center and education wing. God continued to pour out His love and grace through hands eager serve and mouths open to share. One hundred and thirty-five years have passed and much has changed. And yet, the the Great Author remains unchanged. God is still writing the Great Redemption Story on the lives of our neighbors. He is using His church to pen an Adventure our children will love to tell.

Won't you join us as His Story unfolds?