We think membership is an important next step here at First Baptist.

Being a member here is not about being in a special club or having special privileges. It doesn’t make you a better Christian or get you a better seat on Sunday mornings. It means you’re ready to commit. Being a member here at First Baptist Church means you’re a born again follower of Jesus who, having been baptized by immersion, joyfully champions the mission and ministries of the church to the glory of God. 

Living life on mission at FBC means you share that mission with other men and women who are running the same race. That means we pursue Christ together. We share life together. We pray for one another. We speak truth to one another. We come alongside one another in the highs and lows. We are committed to enjoying Jesus and being transformed by the Gospel together. (For a detailed look at what our Covenant of Fellowship is all about, follow the link below)

We call First Baptist a church that is Jesus-led, elder-guided, and congregationally-affirmed. 

To be Jesus-led means we believe whole-heartedly that Jesus is the head of this body and the Shepherd of this flock. To be elder-guided means we trust God’s work in and through the unified vision of a group of leaders we call elders. When we say that we are congregationally-affirmed, this means the members of First Baptist have the unique responsibility to engage and speak into major decisions as presented by the elders. The voice of members is critical to the life of the church.

If you are on board with the mission and vision of the church, take the next step and explore membership. Keep your eyes open for an upcoming membership class.


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