The unbelievable has finally happened. God has showed up. And that's when you realize that He's been there all along, working in the background towards a better story in your life. He redeems your mess. He is your redeemer.

Week 4

"But I want it NOW!" the toddler screams. The teenager slams her door when she doesn't get her way. Even adults sulk when they have to put their desires on hold. Boaz loved Ruth. He'd waited a long time for someone to call his wife, yet he didn't rush the situation or act out in secret. He sought to honor God, involve his community, and do the right thing. How's God calling you to live your life honorably this week?


God is up to something. He's sovereign in control, and working to bring about his design for our world and lives. But does that mean that we just sit around and wait? Or somehow, even in God's great plan, are we called to action?


Another day on the job. A simple conversation. A chance encounter. Oftentimes we go from day to day paying little attention to the seemingly insignificant events of our lives. Instead, we always look for the big and noteworthy milestones of our lives. However, so often the important, life-changing moments stem from the mundane: a simple conversation begins a lifelong friendship, or being in the right place at the right time unveils an unexpected opportunity. Is God in the little details of our lives, or are we at the mercy of random chance?


The other shoe has dropped. A bad situation has turned worse. Whether through problems of your own making or situations that are out of your control, we all will experience seasons where hope is all but lost. Naomi was in such a season--a poor woman in a foreign land loses not only her husband but both sons as well. Could there be redemption from such a story?