Vision (Middle School)


Vision provides 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students a safe place to have fun, make friends, and be themselves. More importantly, it’s a place where they can develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and be challenged to trust Him daily. We meet on Wednesday nights, have many special events, and take cool trips throughout the year. Just stop by an Wednesday night and join in on the fun!

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Clay Co (High School)


Clay Co provides high school students with a safe place that compels them to live with a purpose. Through fun activities and authentic teachings, we hope to use the pages of scripture to teach students what it means to have their lives shaped by Christ. Clay Co meets every Wednesday nights, and goes on several trips during the year and have special events!

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The Bridge (College)


During the school year, our men and women gather in groups to challenge each other and learn more about the Bible. We carpool together from the Waldorf dorms and meet at First Baptist Church in the cafe area! Throughout the school year we will take trips, go on retreats, and do fun activities together.