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Men's 2-Week Intensive Experience

We are asking men to commit to a two week intensive experience aimed at helping them take a significant step forward in their spiritual growth. Rather than facilitate a study or group over a longer period of time, our aim is to invite men into a shorter, highly focused experience that will jump start a movement in the hearts and habits of men.

Men will be challenged to: 

  1. Read and learn biblical principles 

  2. Connect vulnerably and honestly with other men

  3. Practice sustainable personal habits that will foster spiritual growth

We will meet for 10 sessions over a 2 week period. We will meet Monday through Friday at 6:00am and take the weekends off. Men will be challenged to read one chapter at night and be prepared to discuss the following morning. Each morning session will include a brief time of teaching followed by small group conversations.  

Finally Free: Fighting For Purity with the Power of Grace—by Heath Lambert

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Finally Free is a book written to help men break free from pornography and live in sexual purity. While the book targets sexual purity, the value of the content extends into all areas of life. This is not a book about pornography. It is a book about God’s grace and how we as men can practically and purposefully live for God’s glory. The book is biblically driven and unapologetically champions God’s grace as the means by which we grow. The author strategically targets 8 areas through which God pours His grace. These 8 areas will provide the framework for each session. 

Those 8 areas are:

Godly Sorrow, Accountability, Radical Measures, Confession, 
Your Spouse (or Your Singleness), Humility, Gratitude, A Dynamic Relationship with Jesus

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Our hope and prayer is that this intensive experience will serve as a catalyst for men to pursue and cultivate relationships and habits that will continue long after the 2 weeks are done. Men will come out of this experience with a vision for godliness, practical steps to walk in holiness, and a fresh desire to pursue Christ alongside other men. It is our aim to see groups of men meeting regularly all throughout our 30 mile radius. We envision multiple groups meeting in Buffalo Center, Garner, Albert Lea, Forest City, and Lake Mills. The details of these groups remains yet to be determined, however, we are committed to seizing this opportunity to provide the prayer, resources, and guidance necessary to see an army of men rise up to lead their hearts, homes, and communities for the glory of God!


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